History of CEW&CM

  • In 2005, EW&CM Working Group was established at the 13th ICA Congress in La Coruna, Spain
  • In 2007, EW&CM Commission was officially established at ICA 2009 in Moscow, Russia


  • Initiate development of concepts, models and standards for the cartographic visualization of early warning, disaster management, monitoring and resilience.
  • Integrate spatiotemporal information and related data in humanities and social sciences with thematic data for disaster detection, early warning, monitoring, damage assessment, response and training/education.
  • Develop big data analysis, social computing, information distribution technologies (e.g., APIs) crowd-sourcing and artificial intelligence technologies for early warning and crisis management.
  • Generate hazard zone, vulnerability and exposure maps for different types of hazards, such as forest fires, cyclones, floods, droughts, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, infectious diseases, etc., and for the identification and assessment of potential risk and disaster zones.
  • Foster quality mapping and cartographic modeling, including state-of-the-art visualization and dissemination technologies, geospatial process and publishing tools, for early warning and crisis management through suitable publications.
  • Provide methodological and technical inputs and advice for efficient technical systems for risk reduction and increase of resilience: monitoring, multi-hazard early warning systems, impact assessment, and risk-based decision-making
  • Promote the development of disaster management plans for pre-, during and post-disaster situations and enhance support for early warning systems, emergency events mitigation and risk-based decision making.
  • Develop technical training and know-how transfer about emergency geospatial information service for institutional partners and developing countries.
  • Conduct international workshops or symposia about selected aspects of cartography and GIScience in early warning and crisis management.
  • Compile and publish reports and proceedings about the work of the commission.

Contact us

  • Christophe LIENERT, christophe.lienert[at]bafu.admin.ch
  • Jie SHEN, shenjie[at]njnu.edu.cn